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Basic Italian For Dummies 1.0.0

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Basic Italian For Dummies
  • Version:1.0.0
  • Lần tải:0
  • Date added:24/06/2011
  • Thể loại:Giáo dục
  • Lượt xem:289
  • Kích thước:7 MB
  • Hệ điều hành:Iphone
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*** Also available - Japanese, German and French for Dummies apps ***

Whether you want to take up Italian from scratch or brush up on your existing skills for work or travel, this practical app is for you! Fun flashcards highlight common words and phrases written in English and their translation in Italian with audio playback. An Italian-English and English-Italian mini-dictionary gives you flexible and easy word lookup. Special interactive features let you mark your favorite phrases and share with friends on e-mail or Facebook. This app will have you speaking Italian quickly and confidently.

App Features:

1. Words/Phrases – Learn the most common words and phrases for whatever situation you encounter. Words and Phrases are categorized for easy look up – Greetings, Small Talk, Expressions, Numbers, Time, Calendar, Directions, Work, Appointments, Travel, Get Help, Restaurant, Hotel, Bank, Store, Office, School, At Home, and Entertainment.You’ll find what you need with both phrases and words written in English and their translation in Italian with audio playback. Plus, there’s a featured Phrase of the Day to help further build your skills.

2. Dictionary – Commonly used words in both Italian to English and English to Italian formats.

3. Flashcards – Pick your category (same ones as in Words/Phrases) and you are off to a fun-filled way to practice your Italian.Includes the most widely used words and phrases written in English and their translation in Italian with audio playback.

4. Basics – jam packed with information on everything from Nouns, pronouns, and articles, to the multitude of Verbs (infinitive, irregular, tenses, and negative), you get examples to help you get a good Italian foundation.

5. Part of Tens – Loaded with more “extras” these listings feature fun ways to put Italian to work for you. Ten common expressions, frequently mixed-up verbs, holidays, common mistakes, and phrases that make you sound Italian.

7. Favorites – With so many features in this App, we let you decide your favorites. Easily mark and store the words and phrases you want to review, use more, or need to know. Make updates to your favorites anytime by adding/deleting phrases and words.

8. Share – Impress family and friends by sending words and phrases from the app with friends using Facebook or email.

NOTE: All the content and audio files are included in the app. No network connection is needed to view the content. Network connection is only needed for Facebook and email sharing options.

Coming Soon: Basic German for Dummies and Basic Japanese for Dummies

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